I'm always on the lookout for where I can buy Irish product in the city (New York City) and post to social with "Spotted" as the preface.  While this list is by no means exhaustive, nor does it account for buying changes at the store level it does provide a base of where to go when you're in the know (about how fab Irish product is!).  

Looking for Irish Cheeses?

If you stop into Whole Foods, Fairway, Trader Joe's Dean & DeLuca, Murray's Cheese, Bedford Cheese Shop, Butcher's Block (in Queens) to name a few you should see at least one cheese varietal if not more.  I've seen Gubbeen and Durrus at Bedford Cheese Shop, many varieties of Kerrygold cheeses at Whole Foods and Fairway.  At Dean & DeLuca, Ardrahan and Cashel Blue although last visit I didn't see them there so not sure if they will continue to feature these varietals or not.

Looking for Irish Butter?

Certainly Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Dean & DeLuca, Butcher's Block but even Duane Reade (!) will offer Kerrygold butter for sale.

Looking for Irish Soda Bread?

To buy that delicious Irish bread you can pop into Butcher's Block but also order online via www.foodireland.com.  If you sign up for the latter's email newsletter you can be privy to special offers for delivery.  This can be worthwhile as there is a $11++ delivery charge I've found attached to orders.

Looking for Irish Tea?

To buy Ireland produced teas such as Barry's, stop into Long Hall Pub, Carry On Tea & Sympathy as well as I've spotted it for sale in Fairways - usually on lower level shelving.  That's OK, more for me!

Looking for Irish Chips (Crisps)?

Several options include Long Hall Pub (Keogh's), www.foodireland.com and of course Butcher's Block.

Looking for Irish Sweets?

In addition to Butcher's Block, www.foodireland.com that offer a variety of chocolate and other Irish sweets, I've spotted Broderick's Bars in Chelsea Market Baskets.  

Looking for Irish Relishes, Mustards, Oils & Sauces?

Morton Williams carries Lakeshore mustards at several locations, Donegal Rapeseed Oil has recently been added to Dean & DeLuca's shelves.  You may also purchase Ballymaloe Irish Ketchup (Relish/Chutney) at Dean & DeLuca as well as the Late Late Bar based on my last visit.  www.foodireland.com offers a wide variety as well and most of the above listed items.

Looking for Irish Oats?

I've spotted both McCann's and Flahavans across a number of locations.  I've seen McCann's at Dean & DeLuca, Foragers NYC, Fairways and Trader Joe's; Flahavan's at Long Hall pub and for a time - haven't seen it of late - could also be found at Duane Reade locations. 

Many more items may be found at www.foodireland.com but also consider - especially if a treat for someone (or yourself!) heading online to www.irishtasteclub.com or www.ardkeen.com.  Both these companies offer boxes (either as one off gifts or as part of a subscription service) of Irish artisanal products.  Excellent birthday, thank yous, St Patrick's Day, mother's day, father's day or just because type gifts.

Then of course one can always go shopping in...Ireland!

Happy Irish product shopping and do share if you've "Spotted!" Irish products in other locations.


- Bridget