Plans Underway for a 2019 Festive Re(Treat) in Ireland

I’m just back Ireland where the festive vibe is abound and yet still not yet overrun by the madness of the holiday season. It had me think wouldn’t it be great fun to organize a Festive Re(Treat) for next year. So that’s what is in the works!

This very curated and custom experience will have have food and drink play centrally across the days. Imagine being immersed in the beautiful Irish landscape while connecting with local producers, experiencing Irish cuisine, market visits, private tours, an absolute must with an inclusion of an afternoon tea experience plus some dashes of history with time for some rest and relaxation.

Having spent considerable time in the southwest of Ireland this will form part of the largest emphasis throughout this retreat however will include a stop into Dublin as well.

To keep the small intimate vibe to the experience, the Festive Re(Treat) will be limited to no more than twelve participants. So should you hold interest in being updated on when details are released in January please drop me a line here.

Bridget Bray