Fancy New Recipe Ideas? Join the Newly Launched Irish Kitchen

With an abundance of fabulous Irish cookbooks, historic recipes and a constant stock of Irish goods I thought why not create an ‘Irish kitchen’ of sorts. Specifically: a dedicated forum for anyone interested in discovering, sharing, posting, trying Irish recipes and ingredients. You’ll find the group - FarePlate - Irish Kitchen on FarePlate’s Facebook page and it’s an open invitation to pop on over and join in.

Set with monthly themes you’ll have the opportunity to see or post recipes and ideas, get tips on food travel and more. This month’s theme is all about Winter Warmths: Hot Drinks & Tipples which includes a how to video to make a perfect Irish coffee (with the cream always floating on top!), as well as a hot toddy with a twist: using cognac. Next month will be Pudding Party: Hot & Cold Puddings and includes some unique recipes (and names) such as the Polka Pudding and Castle Pudding.

Curious to check it out? Pop on over here: FarePlate - Irish Kitchen!