Pottery Trail Around Ireland

There is always frequent mention of food trails, nature trails, whiskey trails and rightly so, but how about an Irish pottery trail? It's a great way to appreciate both the creativity of those behind the craft as well as explore a variety of destinations - often accompanied by cafes, classes and more. So here is a collection of ideas to explore the pottery craft further:


Multiple Counties

Such a treasure trove and source for inspiration! There are thirteen locations across Ireland and each spot has its own inviting set up and layout. The colors are always vibrant in the stores (which also many house cafes) including their beautiful patterned plateware and the brightly colored button ceramic range. There is also a small Avoca shop at the Dublin airport too to catch any last minute shopping temptations.

Ballydougan Pottery


A collective experience: pottery studio, cafe - including an afternoon tea service - shop AND five cottages where you can book a stay. There’s a pretty, red flowered range that you’ll want to check out on the site. Additionally, upon inquiry to the studio, you can also explore pottery workshops.

Diem Pottery & Design Studio


NYC born but Ireland based since he was a child, Thomas Diem is the founder of Diem Pottery. A line of his studio's Nordic Colour range has been shown at the Irish Design Shop (see below). You may however be tempted to experience the studio as there are a number of pottery classes available.

Irish Design Shop


Their instagram feed does a great job in highlighting the various artists and craftspeople they showcase. It's a beautifully appointed shop with stunning, innovative and modern ceramic ranges from all across Ireland. Such perfect gift ideas - whether for yourself or others!



There's a playfulness to karoArt designs especially with their mugs (see image for this post). Who could resist one of their bandit/superhero designs that are viewable on their site. They offer in addition to these mugs - creative jugs, trays, platters, tart dishes and more. karoArt also offers learning experiences that range from single day workshops to ones of six weeks in duration. A recently held event, an intense two day surface decorating workshop certainly sounds like a fun way to spend a couple of days - and walk away with some new designs.

Rosemarie Durr Pottery


In the heart of Kilkenny, at the Castlecomer Estate Yard you will find Rosemarie Durr Pottery alongside with other artists and craftspeople. So after a bit of a shop, you can pop over to the Jarrow Cafe for a bite to eat. The cafe is a member of the Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail and promotes local producers across their menu. The Rosemarie Durr website also offers a 'peek' inside Rosemarie's studio with a video clip of her working on pieces.

The Mood Designs


If you love turquoise, you will love the pop of color that permeates across the designs at this studio. Run by couple Ela and Lucasz, their inspiration is drawn from the Irish sea, landscape and weather. A cute gift idea? The tea bag rest.

Do you have some favorite pottery spots on your list? Drop a note here.


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