FarePlate places the spotlight on Ireland’s food, drink + craft story.

About FarePlate

The emergence of Irish craft brewers, whiskey distillers and food artisans continue to bolster Ireland's food, drink and craft scene.  For those outside of Ireland and unfamiliar with the country's culinary offerings they are often surprised and delighted to experience what Ireland brings to the table.  From the commitment to sustainable food and drink practices, to the centuries old and contemporary craftsmanship and from the charm of the Irish culture to the rich green fields the island of Ireland is inspiring innovative restaurants, chefs and food writers.  

FarePlate highlights Ireland’s food and drink story through live and highly curated experiences.

Inspiration for FarePlate

[ bridget bray, founder ]


It all began with a minestrone soup and brown bread with butter…

…in a county pub in Limerick a few years back.  I became fascinated with the taste - the ingredients - the wholesomeness of the food.  While seemingly basic fare, it piqued my curiosity to explore Ireland's food and drink story.  

Since that day whenever I visit Ireland I stop into local food markets, meet artisans, buy and consume copious amounts of artisanal goodies not to mention continue to add to the collection of Irish cookbooks. 

With a background in the food and event industry, it seemed opportune to bring back a little of the story home so I formed FarePlate in 2016.

FarePlate is a celebration of Irish food, drink and craft.


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